67 Years of Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Church

Elder Coleman, lead by God, first came to Worcester around 1951. He knew by a vision from God, that there were souls to be saved here in Worcester. He began his Ministry by spreading the Word from door to door. The first church was opened on Water Street and the first convert of this church was a Jewish brother by the name of Victor Botassi. The church then moved to Arch Street where more souls came in. Added to the congregation at this time were two familes.  

Saints came and went, but Elder Coleman never gave up because he was dedicated to saving souls for the Lord.

The church then moved to Laurel and Clayton Streets. There also, souls were added to the congregation. Another move took Christ Tabernacle to Pleasant Street where God blessed again and more souls were added. From Pleasant Street, the next move was to Benefit Street and from there, the church moved to the Beacon Street location.

It was at this location where four additional families joined the church. Christ Tabernacle was housed at Beacon Street for approximately 35 Years. Due to failing health, Elder Coleman was unable to continue on as the Church leader.

Elder Edmonds at this time lead the people and kept the doors of the church open until such time as a new pastor would be assigned. The deterioration of the building forced the Saints of Christ Tabernacle to once again move to another location. This time they were to be housed in a storefront, once again in the Pleasant Street area. It was here in 1998, that Elder Walter Weekes, Sr. was appointed Pastor of Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Church.

Since assuming the pastorate, Suffragan Bishop Weekes, under the direction of God, has taken the church to higher heights, moving CTAC from the basement store front to a beautiful brick edifice in the residential area of downtown Worcester.  Then in May 2002, acquired larger space to accommodate the growing congregation and various ministries birthed under his leadership, CTAC purchased its' current edifice at 1189 Main Street.

In January, 2012, Bishop Michael David Hannah, Sr. assumed the position of Pastor of Christ Tabernacle.  Bishop Hannah is also the Pastor and Founder of the Life Celebration Center located in Baltimore, MD and is currently the 3rd Diocesan of the Northeast District Council.